Threedium and Bullfrog Partner To Lead The New Age of Digital Advertising

As the lure of the metaverse heats up and more and more brands seek to plant their flags and claim their territory, traditional media applications don’t always fit the bill.   When it comes to immersive 3D augmented or extended reality experience, there is a different type of expertise required. 

A new partnership between UK Based 3D Augmented Reality (AR) platform Threedium and Bullfrog seeks to fill that need.  Threedium is a 3D Engine that provides enterprise customers with a low code 3D engine allowing any brand to build immersive 3D and AR experiences and distribute them across omnichannel, display networks, eCommerce, and virtual stores in the metaverse, and Bullfrog is an advertising communications agency specializing in luxury brands.  After several successful luxury brand collaborations between the two companies, a formal partnership just made sense. Bullfrog recognized the gap in digital advertising between the technology available and the technology currently in use, they approached Threedium to help conceptualize and build an exclusive new format.  Heeding the call,  the 3D PARASCROLL, was born.

The goal of the partnership is to help premium brands and advertisers build innovative campaigns delivering 3D experiences via high-impact new media display ad formats purposefully designed to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences in the fast-evolving Web3 landscape.   Consumers can both interact and engage with the finer details which delivers a premium e-commerce user experience, and also helps customers better make informed purchasing decisions. 

The Bullfrog and Threedium partnership will help both brands and publishers become early adopters of a new fully-interactive digital format, unlocking untapped consumer engagement for digital natives.

Brand partners already using the 3D PARASCROLL format include Richemont Group and Samsung.

Dan Langton, Head of Partnerships at Bullfrog said, “The necessity for creativity and innovation, within the digital media industry, has never been more paramount. Threedium is the perfect partner to help drive Bullfrog’s digital media offering forward into the exciting new age of digital. We are very excited about what we will collectively create for our clients in the near future.”

Kyriacos Kyprianou, Head of Business Development at Threedium said, “Bullfrog’s digital media offering with Threedium’s technology will certainly help shape the future of advertising. The importance of creativity and innovation has never been greater in the digital media industry. As we look forward to collaborating together with our clients in the near future, we are very excited about what we will create.”

In conclusion, by combining Threedium’s 3D AR technology and Bullfrog’s expertise in the luxury advertising sector, the partnership is poised to bring trail-blazing innovations to the advertising industry by way of premium e-commerce customer user experience. The 3D PARASCROLL format, developed as a result of this partnership, is already being used by major brands like Samsung and is poised to drive the future of digital advertising forward. 

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